San Diego Fire Codes

San Diego requires that many of the buildings and structures have fire sprinkler systems to help protect in the event of a fire. These fire codes are created by the California Building Standards Commission and are frequently to help avoid death and damage to property. Fire codes are updated frequently the last published fire codes were in 2007, and were revised for 2011.

In San Diego as a building owner you are responsible for keeping current on all new San Diego Fire Codes for your home residence, commercial building or industrial facility. This may require you to have a fire protection company install fire sprinklers and/or fire suppression systems into your residence, commercial or industrial building. Our fire protection company will design, engineer, install, maintain, repair, service, remodel, retrofit, test and inspect your installed fire sprinkler systems or fire suppression systems in accordance with NFPA standards and codes, State and the City of San Diego Municipal Building and Fire Codes. For recent and up to date San Diego Fire Codes.

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