San Diego Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire has long been a hazard in buildings, homes and structures. Over 100 years ago textile mills began using manual fire sprinkler systems to aid and help in the prevention of fire. In 1881 the first automatic fire sprinkler system was created which tremendously aided in the prevention of fires since the plumbing of the system became automatic. Since 1874 Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems have been in use in America to help aid in prevention of catastrophic fires which have caused death, injury, and loss of the structure and its assets.

Building Codes
San Diego requires that many of the buildings and structures have fire sprinkler systems to help protect in the event of a fire. These fire codes are created by the California Building Standards Commission and are frequently to help avoid death and damage to property. Fire codes are updated frequently the last published fire codes were in 2007, they are now being revised for 2011.

Types of Fire Protection
There are several ways to help protect your building and structure from fire hazard and fire damage. We have listed several of these systems below: